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  Lifework Awards
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"Vojdan chernodrinski"
  Vera VUCKOVA (1925), actress
In the legend about the beginning or how close the Sun is

In the real legend of the modern Macedonian theatre, the actress Vera Vuckova ( August 24, 1925, Kneza, Republic of Bulgaria), at the very beginning, enters the stage of the Macedonian National Theatre, (destroyed after the Earthquake on July 26,1963 in Skopje) and pronounces the first line after the curtains were lifted up in the first institutional play in Macedonian language, played on April 3, 1945- Platon Krecet, by the Ukrainian author A. Kornejcuk, directed by Dimitar Kostarov. In this play, Vuckova plays the character of Valja, with whose line: How close is the sun, the performance starts. And the actress enters the legend.

The Vuckova`s actors and life path begins and continues before and after the historical event. Her beginnings in the art of the theatre lie in Bitola, in the partisan theatre group of AGITPROP (1944) where she only recited. Then follows her job at the Macedonian National Theatre from 1945-1946, where she returns in 1964, to remain till retirement. In meantime, together with Ilija Milcin and Krum Stojanov, she participates in founding the Local Macedonian Theatre in Gorna Dzumaja/ Blagoevgrad, Pirin Macedonia (1947-48), she works in the theatres in Bulgaria: in Blagoevgrad (1947-1959), in Dimitrovgrad (1959-1961), and in Burgas (1961-1964) and she graduates acting at the college of higher education for theatre experience VITEZ(knight) in Sofija (1960).

Talented, always quiet and tolerant towards everyone in the theatre, Vuckova mostly plays minor roles, roles that are unavoidable in the theatre. She was marked as an actress who unselfishly shares her dedication and knowledge with the others. In the MNT, she has played about 40 character of this type, amongst which, in spite Valja, she has played: Spirovica (Spiro`s wife)- (Naroden Pratenik (National delegate),1945), Marija (Gradskiot Saat (City clock tower), 1966), (Shanel) ( , ( A trap for eight helpless women), 1966), Ana od Klivs (Ana of Klivs) (Henri VII i negovite 5 zeni (Henry VIII and his 5 wives), 1967), Sestrata za razveseluvanje (The sister to cheer up) (Senka (Shadow), 1967), Rajna (Pecalbari (Moneymakers),1969), Ana (Dabot i angorskite zajaci (The Oak and the Angora rabbits), 1969), Frosa ( Parite se otepuvacka,1970), Madam Vajner (Zajdisonce (Sunset), 1971), Praskovja Ilinicna (Foma, 1972), Majkata na Helderlin (Helderlin`s mother) (Helderlin, 1973), Berta (Heda Gabler, 1976), Fjokla Ivanovna (Zenidba (The wedding), 1979), Tetka Savka (Aunt Savka) (Gospoga Ministerka (Mrs. Minister), 1983), Conka (Chorbadzi Teodos, 1987)...

  Dusan G. NAUMOVSKI (1938), director
Various directors interests

Dusan G. Naumovski (July 8, 1938, Bitola) graduated play direction at the Theatre Academy in Belgrade (1964), but his interest in the theatre and theatre directing comes much earlier. In 1956 he set his first play on the stage of the national theatre in Bitola: Reka bez bregovi (River without banks) according to the text by Ivan Ivanji. Ever since, he directs theatre stages in and outside Macedonia. Between 1963 and 1964 he was the acting director of the National Theatre in Bitola, but he spent his official working time as a director in Radio Television Skopje - Macedonian Radio and TV station.

Concerning the variety of Naumovski`s interests in the directing area, his specific mark is that he works trough different medias. Except for the 62 theatre directing, he is a subscriber to 16 TV plays, 8 serials, 4 documentary series, 7 documentary films, TV musical series, broadcasts, and many radio adaptations and directing home and foreign authors, directing 30 original radio plays for children and adults, one short movie and one short documentary for which he received many rewards in the area of TV and radio production.

In the area of theatre directing, Naumovski has worked on every professional stages in Macedonia. But he has also directed for amateur theatres in Macedonian language, Albanian, Turkish and Serbian language. His interest in drama is different considering the genre and the authors, the directions, the time they come from: from antique play to modern Macedonian author, from classic to modern, from social dramas up to postmodern drama. He is a four awards winner for best directing at the Macedonian Theatre Festival "Vojdan Cernodrinski" : Junona i Paunot (Junona and the peacock) (1973, a play of the NT in Kumanovo), in 1976, he wins the award for directing the: Soblazna vo Senflorijanskata dolina (Soblazna in the Senflorian valley) (NT in Strumica), for the Dervisot i smrtta- a Turkish play, and for the Jas, Halil Garija (I, Halil Garija) (1983, Albanian drama).

  Elena DONCEVA, (1942), costumier
The thin visual feeling

Elena Donceva (April 16, 1942, Skopje) is one of the most productive authors in this profession in Macedonia whose creative activity lasts for over than 35 years, a period in which she has realized about 400 costumes. Throughout this creativity, we can follow an artistic, esthetic and utilizable affinity, expressed trough Baroque, classical, ethnographic and modern elements.

She graduated costume design at the Academy for performed art in Belgrade (1967). As an employee at the Macedonian TV station (1967-1975) and after that at the Macedonian National Theatre (up to 2001 when she retires), even today she is in new theatre, ballet, opera, or movie (five) projects and costume solutions for many TV shows. Long time ago, Donceva created her recognizable style: A thin visual feeling in which the idea, colour and shape combine. Trough the art element the pivot are the character and the time from which the characters come from, the characters that the costumes are designed for. Trough the costumes the world and the man in it can be discovered, the character of the figure, the message, the condition, the layer he belongs to. She is with maximum education, very gifted, hardworking and curious, therefore many times, Donceva`s costumes make the decisions about the scenery for some of the scenes, always carried away by the highly developed sence of cooperation, tolerance and patience. Her specific moves in the drawings and the colorful harmony of realization can be discovered in the few costume exhibitions.

Elena Donceva is a 14 awards winner for best costumes at the Macedonian Theatre Festival "Vojdan Cernosdrinski": Hasanagica (Hasan`s wife) (1979), Pirej (1982), Pahintika vo son (1984), Son na letnata nok (Summer night dream) (1985), Crniot Zeka patuva vo Vavilon (The black Zeka travels to Vavilon) (1986), Pipa ritam (the Pipa rhythm) (1986), Zabuni ( Confusions) (1989), Spiro Crne (1989), Rodnokrajci (Home lenders) (1989), Kral Hamlet (King Hamlet) (1990), Ricard III (1991), Nazalena familija (Sorrowful family) (1992), Naroden pratenik (People`s delegate) (1992), Rozenkranc i Gildestern se mrtvi (Rozenkranc and Gildestern are dead) (1995). She is also a winner of the Prize of Sterija for the costumes from the play Divo Meso (Wild flesh) (1980, Novi Sad).

The journal Slovenski ekran (1975) declared Elena Donceva for the best costumier in the Yugoslav production that year...